Essential Tips on Freight Shipping

Moving an item have always mostly been about the weight and slightly about the fragility of the item.

The mystery of courier services is finally revealed. Letís face it. Courier services often come with many rules, regulations and specific terms, that may seem difficult to understand at first. Just to make it easier for you, we combined a list of things to know about courier services.

There are many different types of courier services, depending on the speed of delivery and the type of shipment – Standard courier services involve the collection of small and medium-sized parcels and their transfer to the delivery point. This option is usually the least expensive, but also relatively slow Ė thereís an estimated time of delivery, which varies depending on a specific route. If you need to transport your package as fast as possible, you may want to consider choosing same-day or overnight service. When ordering a standard courier service, you can select a pick-up date but not a specific time frame.

One of the things to know about courier services is that courier drivers follow predetermined routes. They operate every working day. Usually, arranging a specific time within the standard courier service is not an option. But in some cases, you might be able to get a narrower time frame by calling the local courier directly.

Not every package is suitable for the standard service

Dimensions: There are many different things that you can ship(boxes, equipment, gifts etc.). However, you have to measure your parcel in order to know the exact dimensions and check if they meet the standards. If your package happens to be too big or too heavy, the courier might refuse to collect it, and not every item can actually be transported.

Item Eligibility: Think twice if you plan to send anything poisonous, hazardous or infectious. Such items are strictly forbidden and canít be transported under any circumstances.

Package efficiency: Shipping a pallet may be less expensive than sending a few boxes separately Depending on the weight of a shipment, it may actually be cheaper to place your boxes on a pallet and ship it all together. Make sure you understand the difference between package and pallet shipping and properly stack all your boxes on a pallet.

Packing Price: Courier drivers handle and load parcels onto vehicles, plan and follow the most efficient routes to transport the packages as quickly as possible, and record important tracking information. Unfortunately, the price of standard courier service does not include professional packing assistance, as well as any packaging.

Package Properly: itís extremely important to pack your items properly. It may not always be easy, but itís necessary. First of all, the courier driver may refuse to collect the package if itís not packed in the correct manner. Then, once your package itís being transported, it is prone to damage. If the packaging is not appropriate, your parcel may arrive in bad shape.

Stating the exact address and adding any relevant details are key factors for successful delivery: When placing an order, donít forget to indicate the exact address and double-check all details afterwards. Choosing door-to-door shipping services means that you can order a pick-up from almost anywhere, but make sure you provide as much information as possible. It can save you a lot of time and trouble afterwards.

There is no need to rush: Probably one of the most important things to know about courier services is that you should take your time and plan your shipment in advance. Donít wait till the last minute with placing your order. Unfortunately, sometimes courier drivers might not pick up your package on the selected date, due to circumstances beyond their control. By planning things ahead and scheduling the pick-up at least 2 days in advance, you should be able to avoid such complications.

These are some of the essential things to know about courier services. In case you have any questions, donít forget to consult with the chosen courier company or booking platform first. And as always, weíre here to help!

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